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Nanjing will progress in the inheritance、Under the innovation development,Ether with the international advanced level、Depending on the technology of ester synthesis technology and equipment,Powered by strengthening science and technology innovation activities,With the internationalization、Global vision to build a leading domestic、The international first-class product quality and corporate brand image,In the pharmaceutical excipients、Advanced synthetic lubricant base oil、Special surfactants and polyether、In areas such as new pesticide auxiliaries for the domestic and foreign customers with high quality products and services。

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  • Nanjing will celebrate3.8The goddess of special report…

    2017Years3Month5Nanjing chemical industry co., LTD will trade union in order to celebrate the upcoming"March eighth international working women's day",Love will female worker health of body and mind,All the special organization company…

  • Year-end commendation congress and literary performance

    The annual year-end summary commendation congress in2012Years12Month31Held,The company all my colleagues in zijin city ecology together。Review2012The joy of harvest;Looking forward to the United States…

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