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Linyi new creative landscape engineering co., LTD

Linyi new creative landscape engineering co., LTD. Is a company with ecological environmental protection、Nature of innovation、The concept of art and practical for scientific and technological innovation in the company,Floor to landscape art、Industrial floor、Sports ground floor and professional team in the field of landscape architecture decoration,Set research and development、Design、Production、The construction、Technical service in the integration of high-tech enterprises,Company headquarters is located in linyi city high-tech zone Overseas students pioneer park,Factory is located in linyi hi-tech zone,Several cities throughout the country has sales and engineering services。 New creative company have the following products: ① Landscape art floor series:Ecological concrete、High permeable concrete pavement、High bearing cast-in-situ planting grass surface、Color embossed art floor loading capacity、Archaize floor restoring ancient ways、Hypertonic art floor、Acid coloring floor、Color anti-skid road、Color permeable asphalt、Drainage asphalt、Black color asphalt、Color polyester the magic stone floor...

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