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      2019 Years 4 Month 19 Day,The second session of the first sabah sports platformThe general assembly meeting and conference《The shabab sports articles of association of the platform》Make itOut of the change,And voted。

2019 Years 7 Month 5 Day,The articles of association, upon examination and approval by the administration of social organizations in guangdong provincepas,New articles of association and effective。From now on,The formal implementation。

Is presently as follows modified subscription rate announcement:

The membership fee standards
(A)Association dues:8 Ten thousand yuan/Years;
(2)Vice-chairman unit、Supervisor unit membership dues:3 Ten thousand yuan/Years;
(3)The governing units、A supervisor unit membership dues:1 Ten thousand yuan/Years;
(Four)General member of membership dues:2 One thousand yuan/Years
Instructions:Members shall pay the membership fee every year time unification for that year 10 Month-11 Month,Members to owePay the membership fee 3 Months as giving up the right to vote and to be the right to vote and the corresponding rights and interests,1 YearsPay membership fees or not 1 Years not to participate in our activity,As a refund will automatically。 

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